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FWsim is an application for creating virtual firework displays with music. You can create your own fireworks and fire them synchronized to music. You can create HD videos from your fireworks (e.g. for YouTube). The fireworks are rendered in 3D with glow effects, ground lighting and motion blur. The physics are realistic and sizes of all effects are taken from real fireworks. You can create your own 3D worlds with 3D Models from Google Earth and shoot fireworks in these worlds.

With the effect editor, you can combine any components to build almost any pyrotechnic article that exists. FWsim supports both consumer fireworks (rockets, roman candles) and professional fireworks (shells up to 600mm). Thousands of combinations are possible: Shells, Rockets, Mines, Catherine Wheels, Roman Candles, Fountains, Rockets, Ascent Effects, Multibreak Shells., Shell Of Shells,l Crackliung, Comets, Peonys with Pistil, Palms, Chrysanthemums, Waterfall Shells, Tigertails, Heart Shells, Ring Shells, Atomic Patterns, Strobe Stars and Ground Shells.

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